STEP 4: Author Responds to Request for Revisions

When the editor makes the decision, the author is notified via email If the decision is to make revisions, login to the dashboard. Under My Authored, select the Review link. This will take you directly to the submission record.

Under Notifications, you can read the editor’s decision, and if the editor included a review file, it would be available under Reviewer’s Attachments:

Editor’s decision will include instructions from the editor (and also, possibly, from anonymous reviewers) indicating the kinds of revisions required to accept the submission.


Having read the editor’s revision requirements, you can make the changes on your copy of the file (available in the dashboard or still on your desktop) and upload them through the drag and drop upload tool.

Hit continue to move to the next screen and edit any file metadata (e.g., a revised file name).

Hit Continue to move to the next screen. At this point you can add an additional file or hit Complete.

Your revised file is now available in the Revisions section.

Next, go to the Review Discussions section to inform the editorthat your revisions are ready using the Add discussion link.

You can now wait for the editor to respond to your revisions.